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Cosmetic Breast Plastic Surgery
  • My breasts are sagging and have loss their fullness. What is the procedure to correct them?
  • I have large breasts and they cause shoulder and back problems. Can they be reduced?
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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

Breast Lift

Breast reduction and breast lifts are surgical procedures that reshape and remove excess breast tissue. These procedures are performed in healthy adult women of any age but Dr Pham recommends patients should wait until after completion of breast development, child birth or breast feeding. These procedures are now very popular for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Breast reduction can be performed at different stages in life. For example young women who have extremely large breasts that cause symptoms such as back pain and rashes can have breast reduction surgery as long as their breasts have stopped growing. The earliest age Dr Pham recommends is usually 18 years old.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift is a procedure that reshapes sagging breasts or improves the firmness in breasts to give them a more youthful appearance.

The main indications for breast lifts are:

  • To improve sagging of the breasts, particularly after pregnancy or after significant weight loss. Breasts become very droopy and the nipples may drop below the desired position and the areolas may be too large.
  • To improve the loss of firmness due to loss of too much skin giving the breasts a "rock in a sock" appearance.
  • To increase the volume of the breasts by combining the procedure with breast implants (augmentation mastopexy).
  • To return volume to the breasts.
  • To give the breasts a more conical shape

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty is a procedure that reduces the size, shape and volume of the breasts to relieve symptoms caused by excessively large breasts.

The main indications for breast reduction are:

  • To reduce breasts which are too large, heavy or pendulous.
  • To improve symptoms of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain; rashes beneath the breasts, breast pain, restriction of activities, headaches etc., associated with large heavy breasts.
  • To return the position of the nipples and areolas and make the areolas smaller.
  • To improve the self esteem of patients who are embarrassed by their breast size.


You should be informed as much as possible before making any decisions related to breast surgery. Breast lift and reduction surgery are elective procedures, which means that it is a personal choice for surgery and not necessary for maintenance of good health. You should decide on the size and shape of your breasts and discuss any breast issues with Dr Pham. It is important to understand that neither Dr Pham nor any other surgeon can predict the exact outcome of the breast size and shape after surgery. Nor it is possible to guarantee satisfaction all your expectations. There will be always some minor asymmetry between the two breasts after the procedure.

You can expect a thorough explanation from Dr Pham regarding the risks and benefits related to the procedure. Dr Pham will inform you of the best methods of anaesthesia, the surgical facility where your procedure will take place and the cost of surgery. Following a joint decision by you and Dr Pham to go ahead with a procedure, photographs of you will be taken and Dr Pham will further discuss the options available. You are encouraged to seek opinions of other surgeons if you are uncertain.

Private Health Insurance Rebate

Breast reduction for medical or functional reasons is usually partially covered by Medicare and Health Insurance Funds. There will be an out of pocket or gap fee. You will be given a quote from Dr Pham (surgeon's fee only) and you should contact your health insurance fund to find out the amount you can expect to be rebated.

Understanding the Procedure

Breast reductions / lifts are usually performed under general anaesthetic and very occasionally under sedation with local anaesthetic. Modern anaesthesia is safe but does have side effects and you should discuss this with your anaesthetist.

Specific techniques selected for your breast lift or reduction will depend on your individual factors and Dr Pham's preferences. In all cases there will be scars, which become less noticeable with time.

In most cases the nipples and areolas remain attached to their blood and nerve supplies to preserve their sensations and reduce the chances of necrosis. However in some breasts that are very large or pendulous the areolas and nipples are completely removed and then grafted back into a higher position. Sensation in these areas will be lost and you will no longer be able to breast feed. It is very important to cease smoking 3-4 weeks prior to surgery to at least 4 weeks after surgery. Dr Pham usualluy do not perform breast reduction / lift surgery on active smokers as wound healing is compromised with higher risks of skin and nipple necrosis.

Mammography should be performed in patients older than 40 years old prior to the procedure.

Techniques and Incisions

Dr Pham will outline the incisions just prior to surgery. There are 3 methods Dr Pham uses.

  • Inferior Pedicle (Robbins) Method.

    This is the most common method with incisions around the areola and vertical from the areola to join with a horizontal incision following the crease of the breast (inframammary fold). The scar is an inverted T shape.

  • Vertical Pedicle (Lejour) method.

    This produces a shorter scar with only vertical and areola incisions. It is mainly used in smaller breast reductions or lift procedures.

  • Peri-areolar (Benelli) Method.

    This involves 2 circular incisions. One around the areola and the other wider on the breast. The skin and breast tissue in between are removed leaving only a scar around the areola. This method results in a slightly flatter breast.

Augmentation Mastopexy - if an implant is also used during breast lift the implant is usually inserted either under the muscle or the breast. How long is the procedure?

Usually the procedure lasts for 2-2 ½ hours. Most patients stay overnight and on occasionally a drain is inserted.

Please contact us on 9380 4488 for your consultation on breast lift / breast reduction or other cosmetic surgery and non surgical cosmetic procedures.

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