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Skin Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Medispa

Dr Pham and his team of expert staff proudly offer a range of aesthetic skin and facial treatments at Perth Cosmetic Surgery. Their dedicated aesthetic skin clinic offers patients cosmetic surgeries from full fat face transfers to skin rejuvenation treatments and much more. Dr Pham is also the current president of the World International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Society.

We believe in offering every patient a reviving skin clinic that cares deeply, while offering top-quality treatments and procedures. Try our advanced skin care spa or Skin Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Medispa for the first step towards the new you.

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Cosmetic injectables

In this procedure, a small amount of wrinkle relaxer is injected into the facial muscles, binds to the nerve endings and reduces and prevents skin creasing. The results can last up to four months. Wrinkle relaxers are commonly used with dermal fillers for an effective non-invasive facial rejuvenation.


Anti-wrinkle injections Perth

We offer the latest in anti-wrinkle injection treatments using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). This is a new method of wrinkle and skin rejuvenation utilising your own plasma concentrated with platelets. These platelets contain growth factors and protein that stimulate tissue regeneration and rejuvenation, increase collagen production and initiate vascular growth.


Full face fat transfer

This full face fat transfer procedure involves the harvesting of fat from the body (commonly the hips and thighs) and transferring it to the areas that have lost fat through aging, most commonly the face. Fat grafting or transfer aims to correct facial deflation using your own body fat.

At Perth Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a range of aesthetic skin treatments that will improve facial appearance and ultimately enhance your quality of life.

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Skin Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Medispa

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Cosmetic Injectables

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